My name is Katy, i'm 21 and this is my personal blog. it is multifandom based.

Fandoms (mostly): Pretty Little Liars. Orange Is the New Black. Once Upon A Time. South Of Nowhere. Orphan Black. Doctor Who

Main OTPs : Emison. Swan Queen. Vauseman. Faberry. Spashley. Karmy. Grenna.


i'm also in love with caitlin stasey & shay mitchell

previously known as swanqueen-magic-lessons

hey everyone, i’m gonna be out of town from today until wednesday, so i’ll be on partial hiatus until then :)

hey there! i was just wondering what program you use to make your edits (particularly the emison ones)

hi! i use photoshop cs6 :)

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im gonna find clips of oculus on youtube and then gif them cause that movie was just so damn good.

i just watched my first horror movie to ever make me emotional.

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8 favorite Faberry moments.

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Only You


This is the second part of my ficlet Try With Me, but it can be read as a stand-alone. However, both parts are uploaded on fanfic here or ao3 here if you do want to read them both.

This also satisfies the prompt of Emily finding out about Alison’s scar, for the anon who asked. 

Under the cut as very, very much NSFW right from the start and all the way through but hey it happens.

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Why does no one mention Spencer being up and about before the others after Alison disappears? Why doesn’t Emily notice that Alison clears all four of them in 4x24, yet in 4x16 told Emily she was the only one she could trust? Why weren’t they angry that Alison had drugged them all…



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au: Regina dies trying to save everyone. Emma realizes Regina was the one who brought joy into her life. Exactly one year after she died Grumpy reports a fire and when Emma goes in there’s a big surprise waiting for her. Regina, without her memories. She does everything she can to remind her who she is then suddenly one day when Emma is about to give up Regina says the two magical words…

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inspired by (x)

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Please don’t l e a v e me.

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Faberry AU: Rachel and Quinn used to date in high school, but their lives took different directions after graduation.

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